Jack's Letters

Letter One

Dear Poopah

It’s been a strange trip to the city of Korranberg. The train ride was as horrible eventful as I had expected but I kept good company… for the most part. And after the ride I was immediately able to find work should I need the money, but I decided to focus on the task at hand first.

Entering the city I discovered that the invitation that was mailed to me was also mailed at mass to a group of people I had met on the train ride, they seem like good people. One of them is a Warforged, like the one we saw on the outskirts of the Mror last summer. The other is a Dwarf, I think he is from the north of the Mror but I could be wrong, he has an affinity for collecting weapons I think. The other is a Wizard I think, very reserved but friendly.

The will I was sent for included a very large house with a great view of the seaside. You will love it I’m sure. We just need to take care of a very “minor” infestation problem that I need to take care of first. and then I’ll have you moved. I’ll mail you again later in the month.

Love, Jack

Jack's Letters

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