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Any character with adequate skill in search can find traps no matter what the DC. Only characters with the trapfinding class feature can passively look for traps and receive a +3 to the check when actively searching for traps. Trapfinding can be taken as a feat.

Psionics is a completely different energy than magic, although there is some overlap. Detect magic or Arcane sight cast upon psionic energy may reveal the presence of some alien energy, but nothing else. Dispel magic has a slight chance of dispelling psionics, but at a penalty. A strong willed psion can manifest in an anti-magic field. Visa versa for how the psionic equivalents effect magic. Spell Resistance does not work against psionics, and power resistance does not work against magic.

Alignment Detection
Detect alignment spells only work against aligned outsiders, cleric auras and spell effects. You can not tell the alignment of a being from the material plane using magic.

The Base Classes and many of the house rules are taken from the book Trailblazer: New Horizons in 3.5 Roleplaying from Bad Axe Games. Everything I’m using from it is on this site; So you don’t need to have to the book in order to play this game, but it’s a great book so you should buy it anyways. They put out a fantastic product and they deserve money for it.

House Rules

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