Character Creation

All printed 3.X/D20 books including pathfinder stuff. If it’s not from a 3.5 WOTC book just run it by me first. Most likely I’ll let you use it, its just that there is so much stuff out there and some of it just won’t work.

Starting Level: 5th

Ability Scores
32 point buy. Here is calculator. Every third level(3,6,9 etc.) add one point to a physical stat and one to a mental stat(instead of the +1 every 4).

Races: No restrictions. You can use xp to reduce level adjustments as per these rules.

Classes: I’m using the Trailblazer Base Classes, but you are by no means limited to them. Any Class from any book is allowed with approval. Let me know what your thinking of playing and I may tweak it to fit with the unified spellcasting system or for some other reason(like giving you a higher hit die).

Let me know what Prestige classes you plan on going into in the future, because I enjoy trying to work them into the story line.

Hit points: At first level only, add your constitution score instead of the modifier. Take the maximum hit die roll at all levels.

Starting Gold: 5,400

Alignment: Pick an alignment that best represents your character’s disposition and let me know. Do not tell the other players or post it in your public character info. Use this alignment as a guideline for role-playing not a limiter. I believe interesting characters exist in the shades of grey, so role-play your character not your alignment. The main reason for actually picking an alignment is to give me a sense of your character.

The campaign is more aligned to the motivations of a good to neutral type party, but you are not limited in you choice. If you want to play an evil character talk to me about it privately as I have some conditions.

Feats: You get one feat per level instead of every 3. You will have a lot of feats so remember to pick some feats that add a bit of spice and flavor to your character:)

Skills: There is no such thing as cross-class skills. All skill ranks cost 1 skill point. If the skill is class skill than you receive a bonus of +2 if you putting any ranks into it and another +1 for every 5 ranks you have. You still receive x4 skill points at 1st level as per 3.5. Remove Move Silently from your skill list as it will just be covered as part of Hide.

Saves: At character creation choose two good saves and one poor save. Your saves are not dependent on your classes.

Level Good Save Poor Save
1 +2 +0
2 +3 +0
3 +3 +1
4 +4 +1
5 +4 +1
6 +5 +2
7 +5 +2
8 +6 +2
9 +6 +3
10 +7 +3
11 +7 +3
12 +8 +4
13 +8 +4
14 +9 +4
15 +9 +5
16 +10 +5
17 +10 +5
18 +11 +6
19 +11 +6
20 +12 +6

Background: I would like some kind of character background from you. I think its good for role-playing to know where your character came from and why he does what he does. I have no expectations for length or complexity, just write what you feel is good. I will be giving out background based character bonuses depending on how interesting I find it, if it gives me future adventure potential, and other factors. One of my main dming tenants is rewarding you for the effort you put into making the game better. Make a page for your character on this wiki and put whatever background details your character would be willing to share with the rest of the party on it. More mysterious or secret background info send to me privately.

DM note about character creation: Above all I am looking for fun and interesting characters to be the protagonists in an epic story. That being said one of the things I find fun about 3.5 is the amazing amounts of character options and as a player I enjoy creating interesting and powerful character builds. So a certain degree of character optimization is acceptable even slightly encouraged as this is a some-what high-powered game, but doing so at the expense of creating an interesting character or in a way that effects the fun for the other players or me is a problem. We all know the system can be broken so no need to prove it with your character. Also keep in mind this is a 50% combat game not a hack and slash so if all your character has going for them is that they are a beast at fighting you will be bored half the time.

Please read the various House Rules.

Character Creation

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