This is a online, heavily house-ruled 3.5 D&D game. Run using maptools and voice chat.

When: Saturdays 4pm to 12am EST.

How: Maptools version 1.3b86
Either Skype or Ventrillo

Starting Level: 5th

Sources: All compatible d20 material including pathfinder is allowed at the DM’s discretion.

Setting: The game takes place in home-brewed version of the Eberron campaign setting. If you are very familiar with the setting everything won’t be quite the same, if you aren’t familiar with it then thats great because you have no expectations. Expect high-magic dark fantasy with steam-punk elements.

Game Type: 50% Roleplay or puzzle solving/ 50% Combat. I’m looking to create an epic collaborative story with rich characters and good roleplaying. There will be plenty of combat, but if you want straight hack and slash this isn’t the game for you.

I’m looking for players who are reliable, and committed to creating a fun and interesting game.

Character Creation

House Rules

Campaign Beginning- A Strange Letter

Setting History

House of the Magus

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